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Rumpetroll eller amfibielarver er overgangsformen eller stadiet mellom egg og voksen hos amfibier. Utrykket brukes mest om frosker og padder, men også salamandere har rumpetroll, skjønt disse likner mer på de voksne dyrene. Rumpetrollene er et larvestadie, tilsvarende yngel hos fisk.
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Make Samsung Kies work on 64bit Windows 8 

Was trying to upgrade the firmware on our Galaxy tab 7.7 (android 3.2->4.0.4).

Samsung has this “wonderful” program called kies for that. So I installed the latest Kies on my Windows8 (64b) box.

Unfortunately I kept getting DLL errors. KiesTrayAgent.exe, KiesPLDR.exe and one other exe which I can’t remember the name of.

Took me an hour to find the solution: install this C++ package.That fixed all link errors and allowed me to upgrade the firmware via Kies. 

PS: The title of this post links to said C++ package

VIM tip: use :find command for finding files in current project

First, add this mapping to your .vimrc. It allows you to quickly add the current directory (current = where currently edited file is) to a variable called {path}

noremap <leader>sp :exec “set path+=”.expand(‘%:p:h’).”/**”<cr>

You test it by doing


followed by

:echo &path

… both in normal mode of course. vim should print out a path where your current directory is appended.

Why did you do this? Well, now you can use the :find command :)

:find uses {path}, so thats why we had to set it.



Go on and try it. beats NERDTree in many cases.


You can make it even better by with this plugin:

:F Main.ja<tab>

will autocomplete the path for my file, for example. Yay :)


I love your work, but would you be willing to lower your pricing? Not to be rude, but if I were to pay that amount, you wouldn’t be in any financial jeopardy. You might not be motivated to work at your very best. I need to work with someone who has something to lose.

run junit tests in maven projects with sbt

If you want ut use sbt’s continuous testing feature, ~ test, with jUnit in Java Maven projects, you need 2 settings.

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Byobu: arranging panes

One thing I do from time to time in Byobu is maximizing a pane (ALT+F11) and then joining the pane back in with CTRL+F11(vertical) or SHIFT+F11(horizontal).

Unfortunately, this sometimes skrews up the layout, depending on which pane you maximize.

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Ubuntu oneiric - clock dissapeared from panel

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...

Today My clock dissappeared from my unity top panel in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I deinstalled evolution. Or because I changed my icon theme with gnome-tweak-tool…

Anyhow, here how (I think) I got my clock back

sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime

log out & log in, welcome back clock :)

Drawing of male freshwater phase Chinook (king...
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All of a sudden, there were like 25 baby fish in our fish tank oO

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Ubuntu 11.04: missing title bars

From time to time the title bars go missing in Ubuntu's latest release. Here's how I found it can be fixed:

1. installer compiz-settings-manager

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

2. open it by pressing , typing “compiz” and choosing “CompizConfig Settings Manager

3. scroll down to the “Effects” section. There you should see compiz plugin called “Window Decorator”. Uncheck and re-enable. The title bar should reappear.

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"Equinox Evolotion Light" is my new favourite ubuntu theme. 

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